3.16.15 Open Session Meeting Minutes

Person County Schools
Board of Education
Open Session Minutes

Meeting Date:  Monday, March 16, 2015

Call to Order:  The monthly meeting of the Person County Board of Education was held in the auditorium at Southern Middle School, 209 Southern Middle School Road, Roxboro, N. C.  The meeting was called to order at 9:00 a.m. by Chairman Gordon Powell.  

The Devotion was led by Margaret Bradsher and the Pledge of Allegiance by Jennifer Kafer. 

Board Members in attendance:   Gordon Powell, Margaret Bradsher, Jimmy Wilkins, Freda Tillman, and Jennifer Kafer.  

Administration Present:  Danny Holloman, Dr. Wendy Staskiewicz, Lori Stacey, Julie Masten, Ashley Cooper, Judy Bradsher, Larry King,  Jenna Regan, Jerry Ball, Gregg Foushee, Tracey Scruggs, and Teresa Shotwell.

Others present:  Approximately 60 PHS Civics and Economics students, Sandy Davis (retired educator), Jarrod Dennis (PHS Principal), Chris Tomasic (NMS Principal), Scott Schwartz and Jeannine O’Brian (PHS Counselors),  Ashley Warren and Simon Justice (SMS Assistant Principals); Rickey Davis (Technology), Kitty Horton (Driver), District 9A District Attorney Wallace Bradsher and Administrative Assistant Gayle Peed.  Grey Pentecost (Press)

Pride in Person     
Sandy Davis served PCS for 37 years as a teacher, mentor, principal, and assistant superintendent before retiring in 2009. In memory of her late husband, Larry Davis, Sandy organized a service project, Shoeman Water Projects.  PCS participated in the service project to honor a dedicated former employee.  The project entailed collecting used shoes and sending them to designated countries. Local vendors sell the shoes to the citizens who cannot afford shoes otherwise.  Funds generated from the export of the shoes provide well drilling rigs, water purification systems and repairs.  The people of these countries then receive fresh drinking water.  Sandy’s goal was to collect 4000 shoes. Including hundreds of shoes collected by PCS students and employees, a total of 8000 shoes were collected throughout Person County.  Congratulations Sandy Davis on a job well done!  Mrs. Davis received a Pride in Person certificate and had her picture taken with the Board.                                                                   
Superintendent Holloman presented NCSBA professional development achievement awards to Vice-Chair Margaret Bradsher and Chairman Gordon Powell.
Recognition of Guests – Superintendent Holloman welcomed PHS students enrolled in Civics and Economics who were participating in Local Government Day by observing court proceedings, and city, county, and Board of Education meetings. Other guests included retired educator Sandy Davis and District Attorney Wallace Bradsher.

Public Comment – Board Policy 2310 – Speakers may offer objective criticisms of school operations and programs as concern them. In public session, the Board will not hear personal complaints of school personnel nor complaints against any person connected with the School System.

District Attorney Wallace Bradsher asked the Board to consider implementing an impact program that teaches our young people basic criminal law and shows them the potential consequences of breaking the law.  The one-day curriculum outline provides every sixth grader that goes to school in Person County a two-hour class on criminal law, two hours in District Court followed by a question and answer session, and a one-hour trip to the Person County Law Enforcement Center where they are shown the booking process and get a first-hand look inside a jail cell.  In sixth grade, kids start becoming young adults.  Mr. Bradsher believes if someone can reach them during this transition period and let them know they are subject to being charged and taken to Juvenile Court for things like assaults, cyber bullying, drug possession, communicating threats, and they can actually get a taste of court and see what jail is like, it can have an impact on a certain percentage of kids that will choose not to engage in criminal conduct.  During the last two weeks of the eighth grade school year, a two-hour review of criminal law would be done in class and students would be introduced to their High School Resource Officer.  The only cost to the district would be an activity bus ride from the school to the courthouse and back.  
Superintendent’s Update/Remarks
March 26 BOE Budget Work Session, Board room, 3:30 p.m.
Music in Our Schools Concert was excellent! 
School Visits and Office Hours
March 24, “Person Talks” Community Forum , Southern Middle School, 6:30
March 24 PCS1:1 Laptop Technology Fair, Southern Middle School, 5:00
UNC-TV taped at North Elementary last week. Program to air March 24, 7:30p.m.

Chairman Powell informed the Board of one item to be added to the Action on First Read Agenda:   B1. Revision to Rule Code 2300:  Board Meetings 

Motion:  Moved at 9:28 a.m. by Mrs. Tillman and seconded by Mrs. Bradsher to approve the amended Agenda and Consent Agenda. Motion carried 5-0.

Approval of Agenda & Consent Agenda
A. March 3, 2015 Board Minutes

B. Academic Calendars as presented by Lori Stacey.
1. 2016 - 2017 Proposed
The Calendar Committee drafted 4 calendars for the 2016-2017 school year.  From the drafts, three were selected and edited to reflect the current calendar law.  They were widely shared and feedback was requested. 
The proposed calendar has been built in compliance with all current calendar laws. School calendars must meet the following requirements:
1. Start date no earlier than the Monday closest to August 26 and end date no later than the Friday closest to June 11.
2. Must have a minimum of 185 days OR 1,025 hours of instruction. Our school day schedules meet the 1025 hours of instruction requirement with a 180 instructional day calendar (all proposed calendars are based on a 180 day calendar).
3. Must have at least ten (10) teacher workdays. Note: In years when Christmas is on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday, nine (9) days shall be designated as teacher workdays.
4. Local Boards shall designate two (2) workdays on which teachers may take accumulated vacation leave. Local Boards may designate the remaining workdays as days teachers may take accumulated vacation leave.
5. Have a minimum of ten (10) annual vacation leave days.
6. Have the same or an equivalent number of legal holidays occurring within the school calendar as those designated by the State Personnel Commission for State employees.
7. Veterans Day shall be a holiday for all public school personnel and for all students enrolled in the public schools.

The following suggestions were considered based on the survey.  Explanations are provided where the suggestions were not possible:
Have August 25 first pupil day
o Response:  The first instructional day shall not be earlier than the Monday closest to August 26
Overwhelming response to keep intact a two week winter break
Many positive comments on the Early Release Days for planning and professional development
Teacher Workday after 3rd Nine Weeks 
o Not possible to include if a two week winter break was intact to ensure student days are met  
Move Professional Days to Friday or Monday instead of mid-week 
o Possibility of negatively impacting student attendance if ½ day on Friday or Monday
Too many workdays at beginning of year
o To keep the winter break intact and meet other requirements, that was the most practical option for the workdays.

2. 2015 - 2016 Revised

The 2015-2016 Academic School Calendar has minor revisions that better support instructional needs and calendar law requirements.  The revisions are:
First day of school is August 24 with last pupil day June 8
First day of school is a full day – this adds 3 hours into the calendar year and has been determined that ½ days are not needed with Kindergarten Staggered Entry
2 - ½ days for November conferences changed to 1 ER day for conferences based on data of when conferences have occurred in past
Early Release will be for all grade levels February 4 and April 7.  The conferences were K-8 on February 4 and 9-12 on April 7 previously. This alleviates bus route issues and allows professional development for the schools when conferences are not being held.  

If calendar laws change, calendars will be adjusted.

Motion:  Moved at 9:38 a.m. by Jimmy Wilkins and seconded by Jennifer Kafer to approve as presented the proposed 2016-2017 Academic Calendar and the revised 2015-2016 Academic Calendar. Motion carried 5-0.

B1. Revised Rule Code 2300:  Board Meetings as presented by Danny Holloman.
Per feedback from Board members, there is an interest in changing the board meeting time from 6:30 p. m. to 5:30 p.m.   To do so, the Board needs to approve an update to Rule Code 2300 Board Meetings.  

Motion:  Moved at 9:40 a.m. by Margaret Bradsher and seconded by Freda Tillman to approve as presented Revised Rule Code 2300:  Board Meetings. Motion carried 5-0.

Mr. Holloman asked the Board’s preference for beginning the meeting with closed session at 5:30 followed by open session at 6:00 or 6:15.  Many districts begin with closed session which keeps the Board on task and provides time for working parents and the public to attend open session. When required, the Board could return to closed session for continued discussion at the conclusion of open session.

For the benefit of the students, Mr. Holloman explained the difference in open and closed session meetings.

By consensus, the board agreed to hold closed session at 5:30 and open session at 6:15, effective with the April 16 meeting.


C. Changes to AIG for 2015-2016 as presented by Jenna Regan.
AIG Coordinator, Jenna Regan, informed the Board of changes to AIG for the 2015-2016 school year.  There have been various arrangements to the AIG program in middle school over the past ten years.  The latest arrangement has resulted in inconsistencies to AIG programming at the middle school level.  Reallocating AIG middle school funds will allow the district to hire a full-time AIG-certified teacher for middle school.  The AIG teacher would split time between SMS and NMS and serve all AIG students weekly in grades 6-8 in a pullout setting similar to elementary school.  The AIG teacher would also support professional development for regular classroom teachers through effective models of differentiation. 

Information on Changes to AIG 2015-16
Grades: 6-8
According to the research of Card and Giuliano,“ a separate classroom in every school for the top-performing students could significantly boost the performance of the most talented students in even the poorest neighborhoods, at little or no cost to other students or the District’s budget.”  In addition, “a separate classroom environment is more effective for students selected on past achievement - particularly disadvantaged students who are often excluded from gifted and talented programs.”
Source: http://www.nber.org/papers/w20453 

Person County Schools has employed several models for working with AIG students in middle school.  Many years ago, a middle school AIG teacher would pull students from their regular classes to work on advanced projects and activities in math and reading.  Approximately ten years ago, the service model changed to a focus on AIG support through English Language Arts (ELA) classes.  AIG-Reading Only and AIG-Reading/Math students were assigned to daily ELA classes taught by teachers certified in both English and AIG.  The same ELA/AIG teacher taught AIG students in grades 6-8.  Although this provided consistent support for most AIG students, no direct services were offered for AIG-Math other than advanced math course options open to any qualified student.  Most recently, AIG students have been assigned to advanced ELA and math courses at each grade level, with the grade-level ELA teacher serving as the AIG teacher contact.  This latest arrangement has resulted in inconsistencies to AIG programming at the middle school level.  

AIG 2015-16 and Beyond: 
We will reallocate middle school AIG funds in order to hire a full-time AIG-certified teacher for middle school. The AIG teacher will split time between SMS and NMS, and will serve all AIG students weekly in grades 6-8 in a pullout setting similar to elementary school.  The AIG teacher will also support professional development of regular classroom teachers, supporting them in effective models of differentiation.    

Separate setting for AIG students is more effective according to current research.
Students will receive services in ELA and Math.
AIG teacher will be certified and knowledgeable in AIG best practice.
AIG teacher will have time built in to schedule to work with classroom teachers on differentiation strategies. 
AIG teacher will work with 5th and 9th grade teachers to ensure a smooth transition between schools.  
Processes, procedures, and paperwork will be more consistent. 

Additional Impact: 
The current AIG budget is covering the allotment for 1 position at NMS and .5 positions at SMS.  These funds will be reallocated to hire the new AIG teacher.  This will also allow funds for materials and supplies for AIG.  Middle schools will create Plus classes for ELA much like the current Plus classes for math.  This will allow AIG students to be placed with other high achieving students.  Regular classroom middle school teachers will no longer be considered “AIG teachers.”  

The Board thanked Mrs. Regan for the information on changes to AIG.

D. Cooperative Innovative High School Update as presented by Dr. Wendy Staskiewicz.
Dr. Staskiewicz informed the Board of progress toward the establishment of a Cooperative Innovative High School (CIHS) in collaboration with Piedmont Community College.   
The Innovative Education Initiatives Act and the Cooperative Innovative High School Programs statute encourages LEAs to partner with their local postsecondary educational institution(s) to establish a high school program that targets first-generation college students, students who are at-risk of dropping out of high school, and/or offers accelerated learning opportunities.  Person County Schools has been interested in starting an early college high school for many years.  Through collaboration with Piedmont Community College and with support from the Innovative Education Initiatives Act, an Early College High School may become reality for Person County Schools during the 2016-2017 school year. General Statute 115C-238.54 governs funding for Cooperative Innovative High Schools. PCS and PCC will seek all available sources of funding to initiate and sustain an early college high school. Dr. Staskiewicz and others are investigating options for grants to refurbish buildings that would provide additional educational opportunities for students across the district.

E. Targeted Reading Intervention (TRI) Partnership Preliminary Budget Proposal as presented by Dr. Wendy Staskiewicz.

Person County Schools was involved in a successful implementation of TRI at North End, Stories Creek, and South Elementary through participation in a research project with UNC-Chapel Hill.  The Board received district results of the TRI research project in December. The proposed partnership would train a local TRI Coach to sustain and expand the program in PCS.  

Dr. Staskiewicz shared information on progress toward a partnership with UNC for continuing and expanding the Targeted Reading Intervention (TRI) program in Person County Schools and reviewed a preliminary budget proposal.  Additional costs would include salary and benefits to sustain a local TRI coach in our district.  The budget proposal is an estimate only. Dr. Staskiewicz will continue her discussions with TRI regarding price reductions.

Board members and Mr. Holloman explained to students:
The term of office for a member of the Board of Education
The election process for the Board of Education
Duties and responsibilities of the Board of Education
Where the BOE receives money to plan the budget
Board member’s salary
Major issues facing the BOE

Students were dismissed for their next activity at 10:20.

10 Teacher Advisory Council, Board Room, 3:40
16 BOE Meeting/Local Gov. Day, Southern Middle School, 9:00 
16-20 Grandparents’/Senior Citizen Week
21 PCS Spring Learning Conference, PHS, 7:50 – 2:00
23 Elementary Honors’ Choir, Kirby Theater, 7:00 p.m.
24 1:1 Technology Fair, Southern Middle School Gym, 5:00 – 6:15
24 “Person Talks” PCS Community Forum, Southern Middle School Auditorium, 6:30 – 8:00
26 BOE Budget Work Session, Board Room, 3:30 
27 Snow Make-up Day for February 18

April 3
6-10 Spring Break
14 Teacher Advisory Council, Board Room, 3:40
16 Board of Education Meeting, Board Room, 6:30 
16 Early Release, PHS Only

Motion:  Moved at 10:22 a.m. by Freda Tillman and seconded by Jennifer Kafer to go into Closed Session to: 

A. Approve Closed Session Minutes of March 3, 2015; 
B. To consider personnel matters (NC§143-318.11(a) (1) (5) (6), as amended by Action of June 23, 1994.); and 
C. To present the disclosure of students information made confidential under FERPA (20U.S.C. 1232(g) and section 115C-402 of the N. C. General Statutes; subsection (5).

Motion carried 5-0.

On a motion by Margaret Bradsher and a second by Jennifer Kafer, the Board returned to open session at 11:33.

On a motion by Jimmy Wilkins and a second by Freda Tillman, the personnel report was approved. 

Approved Substitute Teachers:
Last Name First Name Effective Date Comments:
Phelps Sarah 3/2/2015 Certified
Walker Katie 3/2/2015 Non-Certified
Poindexter Stephen 3/6/2015 Non-Certified
Lowery Linda 3/16/2015 Cert-Long Term Sub/South

 Extra Duties:  
Last Name First Name Effective Date Comments:
Every Kelsey 3/2/2015 Substitute Tutor
Porrin Bradley 3/2/2015 Substitute Tutor

Approved School Volunteers:
Last Name First Name Location Effective Date Comments
Poindexter Stephen PHS 3/2/2015  
Burrows Destany North End 3/10/2015  
Guzman Catelin Earl Bradsher 3/10/2015  
Morrow Cortney Oak Lane; EB 3/10/2015  
Newell Merilyn All Schools 3/10/2015  
Stewart Ken North End 3/10/2015  
Chase Sheri Helena 3/10/2015  
Wrenn Michelle Helena 3/10/2015  

Last Name First Name Position Location Effective Date Comments
Harris Amanda Teacher South 3/17/2015
Fitzpatrick Karen Media Specialist Person High 6/15/2015 (ret 7/1/2015)
Rogers W. Reid CN Mgr North End 6/15/2015 (ret 7/1/2015)
Cooper D. Ashley Director, Testing, Central Services 5/12/2015
Technology, Media, Power School

Last NameFirst Name Current Position/LocationNew Position/LocationEffective Date
Johnson, Jr.Rufus, ISS Coordinator/ NMS, GEAR UP Coordinator /NMS/PHS, 3/30/2015
Jones, Michelle, Custodian/ St Creek, Child Nutrition Asst/St Creek, 3/30/2015

F. Board and Community Relations Communication
Pride in Person – April
English I (SMS on site and NMS to PHS)
Update about “Person Talks”

On a motion by Freda Tillman and a second by Jimmy Wilkins, the Board adjourned at 11:47 a.m.

________________________________ ___________________________________
Gordon Powell, Chairman Danny Holloman, Secretary