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Presenting at Parent Meetings!
Gia, McIver, and Jadyn for presenting their Helping Poor Country project on Haiti at the district AIG meeting with parent representatives! They did an awesome job!


"AIG Leaders" Class

Some our of 5th grade AIG students are leading creative problem solving learning activities for our kindergarten students. For this challenge, the learning teams lead by the 5th graders are researching one holiday to find out how it is usually celebrated, why it is celebrated, how it originated, and different ways it is celebrated in the world . After finding the facts on the holiday, the teams have to plan a fresh and creative new way to celebrate the holiday. The teams will present their plan in a creative way to the other groups.
I'm been so impressed with both our kindergarten and 5th grade students! The sessions have been awesome!!!

AIG Leaders 1
AIG Leaders 2
AIG Leaders 3

4th grade Cancer Projects at South and Stories Creek


Bladder Cancer Project 1Breast Cancer Project 2Leukemia in Kids Project 3Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Project 4Eye Cancer Project 5Brain Cancer in Children Project 6Lung Cancer Project 7Breast Cancer Project 8

5th grade Career Project Photos from Stories Creek

Project 1Project 2Project 3Project 4Project 5Project 6Project 7Project 8Project 9Project 10Project 11

From the 2014-2015 School Year:
- 4th Grade Students Presenting their "Helping Poor Countries" Project for the 3rd Nine Weeks
- 5th Grade Students Presenting their Mystery Disease Projects for the 3rd Nine Weeks
2nd Grade Nurturing StudentsSecond grade nurturing students working as scientist on a lesson where they are classifying creatures into cages based on their similarities!
4th Grade Cancer Project: The 4th grade AIG students are completing a project on a specific cancer. Students are researching the description, symptoms, risk factors, detection, and treatment of their chosen cancer. Each group will present their completed projects to an audience using Web 2.0 tools
5th Grade Career Project: Our 5th grade students are completing a project on a specific career. Students are researching the job responsibilities, required education or training, best colleges and cost, expected salary, and the employment outlook for their chosen career. These students are taking an online career survey to see which career best fits their interests. Each group will present their completed projects to an audience using Web 2.0 tools.
Field Trips!!