PCS Meets with NCCU Faculty

PCS Meets with NCCU Faculty
Posted on 10/24/2014
NCCU Meeting

On October 23rd, Person County Schools hosted a visit from North Carolina Central University faculty to explore potential partnerships in the future.

Attending from NCCU:
Dr. C E Davis
Dr. Josephine Harris
Dr. Yolanda Dunston
Dr. Gerrelyn Patterson
Dr. James Osler
Dr. Philliph Mutisya
Dr. Tessa McCarthy
Dr. Prince Bull
Dr. Timothy Seigler

Attending from PCS:
Dan Holloman, Superintendent
Dr. Wendy Staskiewicz
Lori Stacey
Tracy Scruggs
Shirlrona Johnson
Lily Hayes

We are thankful to the NCCU faculty for taking the time to visit PCS!